What are the features of legit freelance writing jobs?

The fact that we are talking about the features of a legitimate freelance writing job would suggest that there are some dodgy aspects in some cases. Sadly this is true. The better freelance writing agencies have strict rules in place and generally are able to prevent unscrupulous employers from taking advantage of the writers. Those freelance agencies which do not protect their members have a very short shelf life. So what are the features that you should look out for when seeking freelance writing jobs? We are talking about legitimate freelance writing jobs.

  • A clear job description of the task involved.
  • A clear listing of the fee to be paid.
  • A definite finishing date by which the task is to be completed.
  • Any interim reports if required.
  • A clear indication of your success or failure as far as your job application is concerned.

A legitimate freelance writing job will most definitely have a clear job description. It is pointless you trying to apply for a job if you're not sure exactly what is required. It might be that the employer simply doesn't have the greatest of writing skills and if you have any doubts about what is required in making application you should always ask a relevant question or questions. In some cases you have to pay in order to make a job application and if the job is badly expressed or badly worded and you have no chance of getting a job because of a misunderstanding then you will lose the funds you have paid. Don't waste your time if the job description is confusing.

In many cases the employer will say that the fee to be paid is X. dollars per hour or it will be a flat fee of between X. and Y. That is not telling you exactly how much you'll be paid but you can get a pretty good idea. Any legitimate freelance writing job which makes no mention of the fee to be paid will in fact not be a legitimate freelance writing job. The remuneration, at least in general terms, will always be included.

Obviously it is not an open-ended job. Obviously there is a finishing time and date. A legitimate freelance writing job will stipulate when the work needs to be completed. If you believe that the job will require more time, it is up to you to be proactive and contact the employer and state your beliefs. Do not wait until the due date and then ask for an extension. Get in first.

There are a number of legitimate freelance writing jobs which go for a reasonable length of time and the consequence of that is that the writer needs to submit regular reports. These are known as interim reports and every legitimate freelance writing job which can take that amount of time must require an interim report. The whole purpose of this is to keep the writer in touch and on track and to reassure the employer that work is being done which meets their requirements.

Finally every legitimate freelance writing agency will have a mechanism whereby you the writer will learn the fate of your job application. That's every job application. The person who is awarded the job will be told that straightaway and provided they accept the terms and go ahead with the offer then and only then will all other applicants be advised that their application was unsuccessful.