3 of the Best Places to Source Freelance Writing Jobs

There is always a question that remains partially unanswered when it comes to freelancing. Where are the best legit sites offering freelance writing jobs? Freelancers, therefore, end up desperately searching for freelancing writing jobs blindly. The internet has lots of platforms offering freelancing jobs. However, this does not guarantee that each site is legit and good to explore for freelance writing jobs. Many expert freelancers who have landed occasional writing jobs will often refer you to unique sites that provide a suitable environment for working on tasks. This article explores a detailed view of the best three places to find freelance writing jobs. 


If you have managed to sign into this site, then it is no surprise to experience lots of notifications flooding into your device, prompting you to connect with more members globally. But LinkedIn is much more than receiving notifications to connect with people worldwide. LinkedIn is a self-marketing platform that provides chances of popularizing your name professionally. Once you have the desired skills, you are good to go. Proper leveraging of this platform can land you into the most common, best paying, and consistent freelance jobs. With LinkedIn, all you need is to set up a catchy and detailed profile enriched with in-depth experiences.

Furthermore, the profile should also feature links that can direct your target clients to samples of your work. After creating a wonderful profile, connect with as many people worldwide and built a healthy professional network. The platform is an advantage for you to showcase your skills and work to many employers and clients seeking copywriters and other freelancers. With LinkedIn, you can expand your writing skills to the extent of earning a six-figure pay.


Twitter is another worldwide platform where you can find all kinds of persons with different aims. The platform is full of personalities who have a huge token of appreciation for excellent writing and editing. Twitter has a good number of clients who are in search of excellent writers all over the world. You can luckily land a connection to a client who needs your skills. It works well as a platform for acquiring genuine clients with good pay for work done. But finding a suitable client who can appreciate and utilize your skills by hiring you isn’t a walk in the park. It needs that you grow a massive following from lovers of your work, fellow writers, good friends, and the movers and shakers of every community. With consistent tweeting and interaction with writing experts on this platform, you will land a freelancing job that fits you perfectly. 

Job Interviews

Finally, Job Interviews! Yes, get that right. Job Interviews. It is one of the richest sites a freelancer can land, not just a single writing job but hundreds of jobs from legit and appreciative clients. Consistent visitations to this site with no aspect of losing hope or giving up will automatically land you to what you have been looking for over many years. Job Interviews offer the best pays for excellent work done. All you need is to get set for the inflow of writing jobs that will be flooding your email or any communication medium used. 

Always give the out the best in your samples and any work you might find yourself doing. All these are a plus for you as they will even be the determinants of whether you fit for a writing job or not. 

Generally, there are many freelancing platforms geared towards the provision of freelancing jobs for desperate writers with impressive writing skills. Despite having many of them, there are some which stand out to be among the best. Give a try on Job Interviews, Twitter, and be patient to reap the best.