Five Tips For Landing Writing Jobs To Boost Your Career

Freelance writing is in high demand. All over the world there are companies big and small who are in the position to offer temporary and long-term contract work in a number of fields. There legal writing jobs, medical writing jobs, medical writing jobs, and so much more. It comes down to finding the right niche, developing a reliable client base, and negotiating fair rates that are a reflection of one’s actual skills and abilities. The following are five tips for landing high-paying online editing jobs in myriad subject areas:

Tip 1) Employ a Warm Pitch

You may already be familiar with a cold pitch – which is when you submit a pitch to a client who isn’t specifically looking to hire anybody at the time. A warm pitch is all about establishing connections with potential clients by engaging with them whenever an opportunity arises. You can follow and comment on their posts and as such introduce yourself as someone who is knowledgeable and an expert.

Tip 2) Call Online Publishers

As a freelancer you have a wealth of opportunities by reaching out to clients all over the world. But you can also make connections with local clients. Search for proofreading jobs online and say that you are available for hire and local. The ability to meet face to face when required is a great selling point to smaller clients that want to discuss things in person. Video conferencing is popular nowadays but some clients still prefer the relationship building that comes from meeting in-person.

Tip 3) Follow Other Writers

Getting to know other writers is a great way to learn about opportunities and to share other helpful bits of information that can develop your skills. For instance, you can usually hear about a job offer that doesn’t quite fit somebody’s expertise but does fit your own. By following writers you build a strong network that can open up a lot of doors.

Tip 4) Get Recommendations

This applies to when you have already worked with one or more clients. You can always ask them to write up a blurb to help advertise your skills, knowledge, and performance. Several third party sites allow clients to post their experiences which you can then turnaround and use in proposals. But you can also ask for recommendations after a project is complete in preparation for future opportunities.

Tip 5) Work with Pro Agencies

Finally, don’t forget that there are several professional agencies where you can take on a variety of homework jobs. These places are always looking for fresh talent and they are excellent choices for building a portfolio in subject areas you are trying to break into (e.g., marketing, business, science, etc.). Just be sure to prepare adequately for the hiring process which usually includes a live test and proof of your educational level and experience.

By following the tips listed above you can certainly develop a well-document freelance writer job description for resume that will land you even more opportunities. Persistence is a key but so is a continuous self-improvement. As the year is just getting started, it’s not too late to set some personal goals and target clients that can help you find tremendous success in this growing field.