Looking for freelance writing jobs with decent salaries

Freelance writing offers considerable freedom to writers and the ability to be your own boss by setting your own rules and working hours. Many people are allured by this freedom and it is one of the leading reasons that people become freelance writers. However, it can be quite tough to find freelance jobs that pay a decent amount due to heightened competition from writers in countries where there is a lower cost of living, hence writers willing to accept jobs for lower pay.


The best way to ensure that you find freelance writing jobs that pay well is to develop your knowledge in a niche subject. This can range from travel to technology to sports. The main thing to understand is that if you specialize in a niche that has a saturated market of writers, your pay will be lower than those writers who have developed a niche in a market that is not saturated and is in demand.

Examples of niches that are saturated include travelling and sports. Examples of in demand niches that need writers are technology and science. As you can see, it will be highly beneficial for you to specialize in an unsaturated niche, as this will bring you more money.


Another way to differentiate yourself from other freelance writers is to produce high quality content. Once your clients see your portfolio, full of high quality writing, they will be more willing to offer more money for your services.

It goes without saying, but there are many freelance writers online who do not make the best effort to produce high quality content that their clients need, which in turn leads to low pay offers for freelance writing work. If you can prove that you do not fill the mould of the ‘typical’ freelance writer then this will pay huge dividends.


Aside from quality, another great way to secure high paying freelance writing jobs is by being professional. Instead of searching for freelancing jobs on freelance marketplaces such as Upwork, you should create your own professional website that advertises and gives samples of your services. This greatly helps in differentiating you from the other writers and will go a long way in securing high paying quality clients.

It takes just a bit of effort and professionalism to accomplish this.