How To Land A Great Freelance Writing Job Online In 5 Steps

If you are close to graduating from college and are interested in finding freelance writing jobs online for beginners then there are a few things you are going to want to know about finding and getting your first gig. We don’t want you to get discouraged so we’ve gathered some sage advice from a lot of career freelancers who have had tremendous success. Here are the 5 steps you are going to want to take:

Step 1) Identify a Niche Topic or Market

The first step you need to take is to consider and to identify the precise niche topics or market you want to enter as a freelancer. Many recent graduates search for well-paying academic writing job because there are several agencies around the world which specialize in this area. It’s a good start because most students don’t need much training and will have plenty of experience in one or more disciplines.

Step 2) Make a List of Relevant Clients

There are a number of online databases that list large and small client entities posting proofreading online jobs. These databases are great because you can easily scan and compare several different options at once and make a list of the clients who are looking for something in your niche area. It’s a good idea to start with about a dozen or so before moving on to another group.

Step 3) Get Emails of Hiring Managers

Next, build a list of specific people who are key decision makers looking for content writers needed. This can usually be made by visiting each client’s website and looking through directories. If there aren’t any jobs posted you can still make a cold email contact directly to a department head or human resource director. Even if you don’t get a response your name may be put on file for future reference.

Step 4) Develop an Email Template to Send

By developing a great email template you can apply to as many jobs as you like without having to spend too much time catering to each recipient. This is why you want to identify your niche market: you want to create a single email that introduces yourself and provides some of your background experience and training. Submit a few samples to go with the email and wait for the replies to start coming in.

Step 5) Send a Follow-Up Email Days Later

Wait a few days before sending a follow up email to check on the status of your introductory application. Most places will respond by either citing their need to learn more about you in an interview or to say that they currently don’t have any positions open. Whichever the result, you will have reached out to many potential clients that you are absolutely certain to have opened numerous opportunities.

On top of taking these steps to break into the industry, there is just one other thing you need to remember: persistence. Don’t give up and certainly don’t wait around for the right opportunity to fall on your lap. There are hundreds of freelance jobs, providing paper writing help online for college students but you are going to have to have the right mindset and approach to land one that is perfect for you.